Five Time Congregational Prayer: (Since August 2011) We also provide separate facility for the sisters.

Friday and Eid Prayers for Brothers and Sisters

Afternoon Children Classes (for Boys and Girls from 6 to 14 years of age)

We cover High Moral Values, Quran teaching, Hadith, Fiqh and Seerah of Prophet (peace be upon him). Currently we have 6 regular teaching staff and 2 volunteers.

Community Service

DEC offers community service to elderly citizens residing close to the centre (i.e. 184 Whalley New Road, Blackburn) to provide them transport facility for:

  1. Hospital appointments.
  2. Catching a train or bus from the station.
  3. Visiting sick patients in hospital.
  4. Buying grocery items for their personal use.

These facilities are within Blackburn area only and not for other towns.

Youth Study Circle

The centre conducts youth study circles for brothers and sisters every week.

Daily Study Circle for sisters with the focus on tafsser, ilmul hadeeth and learning of the holy Quran with tajweed.

Weekend activities for youth: Table Tennis facility as an indoor activity for our youth and other youth related activities to improve their spiritual, moral well being and to educate them with the best of Ikhlaq/ etiquette.

Community Education

DEC offers weekly classes as detailed below:

Female Arabic/Quran/Tajweed Class.

Male Arabic/Quran/Tajweed Class.

In Ramadan we do offer free evening meal to all brothers, sisters and families