Darussalaam Education Centre is not only a Mosque but also a Communitiy centre to bring the community together.

DEC aims to be “a service to the community in accordance to the teachings and strict adherence to the Quran and authentic Sunnah”.

Prayers take place five times a day. Classes for children take place during the week which is known as Madrasah.

DEC also holds classes for learning the Arabic language and to learn the meaning of the Quran.

The institution also aims to provide education for the wider community, not just Muslims. The aim is to ensure community cohesion. This has been done before by holding English language classes for high school children, along with an organisation called Women’s Voice thereby providing an important role in education and nurturing of our future generations.

The evening Madrasah (Maktab) supplementary school is probably the most important medium of imparting Islamic education to the vast majority of our children in these days.

Darussalam Education Centre is a unique Islamic Centre that tackles serious issues such as forced marriages, domestic abuse, drug addiction and antisocial behaviour.

From the humble beginning of a small room the education centre works to protect children from domestic violence, child abuse, gang culture and unhealthy living.